Project Insite

An online public consultation tool for city planning and building projects

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A public portal for planning and design proposals

Project Insite brings the public consultation process online. It allows architects, city planners and developers to share designs and get feedback from the public via an online portal, leading to greater accessibility, more involvement, less contention and ultimately better outcomes.

How it works

1. Share project details

Include basic information about your planning or building project, including the name, description, timeline, and key stakeholders.

2. Create review items

A key aspect of Project Insite is the review items. Each project has specific areas for explanation and review whereby visitors will be asked to provide their feedback on planning decisions.

3. Share with the public

When the project portal is ready, you can share it with the public using a URL that makes it instantly accessible to anyone and easy to share via media and social networks.

4. Gather feedback and analyze

As members of the public visit your site to view project details and review planning decisions, their feedback will be submitted to the relevant stakeholders for discussion and review.

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Early access program

The early access program will consist of two phases:

1. Alpha — Basic functionality and customization with static images.
2. Beta — Added functionality and customization with the addition of 3D model support.

During the early access program we will be developing project pages on behalf of customers as we build the tools to allow customers to create their own project pages without code.

Our learning objectives for early access, among others, are:
- What features are most important to customers?
- How do we incentivize users to engage the project and provide feedback?
- What is the right pricing strategy?

About us

Collective Form is a technology company developing digital tools for the built environment. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us at hello(at)